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Let it rain. Winters of more rain that snow...

15 hours ago - Stratton Mountain.

Corn Snow
Mike's iPhone

Spring conditions for sure. Sprinkled most of the morning then fairly steady rain after lunch. What month is it?

18 hours ago - Stratton Mountain.

Spring Snow 0"
Stratton Mountain +

Was blessed with some rain and fog that kept the Sunday crowds away and we got the mountain all to ourselves.

18 hours ago - Stratton Mountain.

Spring Snow
Mission Control

April skiing in January - super soft snow made for a terrific day (but zero visibility). Then Ursa went down and it was a nightmare. Pray for snow.

1 day(s) ago - Stratton Mountain.

Spring Snow
local guy

Super fun spring conditions in the morning. Got sticky in spots in the afternoon. Foggy up top

2 day(s) ago - Stratton Mountain.

Spring Snow