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Super super soft today. Slow on the flats. Glades were awesome! Temps are looking very warm for next week...too warm

22 hours ago - Stratton Mountain.

Spring Snow
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Epic days at Strat

3 day(s) ago - Stratton Mountain.


Skied on Feb 14. Best conditions I personally have seen at Stratton. Locals on lifts agree it was one of the best days in recent years. Ungroomed powder. Trees well stashed. Go get it!

4 day(s) ago - Stratton Mountain.

pow hound

Great day at Stratton. Anyone complaining probably don't know how to ski/ride. Powder stashes everywhere, sun soaked grommers in the afternoon. Beautiful

5 day(s) ago - Stratton Mountain.


Sun & Mon 2/12-13 - Saturday the snow was super fine and not quite a powder day, but Sunday morning it was deep and fluffy, especially in the lower half and in the woods. Great conditions. I have to gripe though. The only top lift running Mon was Ursa, and it was packed for the first 3 hours. I understand wind holds and safety, but every lift was running on Sunday with the same winds or worse. To make matters worse, their report at 8:40 am said only the gondola was delayed. STRATTON ALTERNATIVE FACTS! They didn't even shovel the gondola steps until 3 pm, let alone try to get it running. Shooting Star was not listed as delayed in the morning either, but sat unmanned the entire day. Don't lie to us, if you have no intention of opening these lifts, say so! I think their lifties called in sick and went to everywhere else in VT that was actually running top to bottom lifts and that must have left them short handed. Such a beautiful place, but their mountain ops is sub-standard in grooming, lift operations, and honest communication!

6 day(s) ago - Stratton Mountain.