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by: AlbertR - Mar 10, 2013

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    Pros: Ski school, grooming

    Cons: Customer Service,

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    Date Visited: Mar 1, 2013

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First ever visit to Stratton, written by a very seasoned skier (15+ resorts). I came with high expectations - some were met, some were not.

Stratton, to my surprise, is not a "family resort". Today, multiple times I witnessed teenagers and young adults smoking pot openly - on chairlifts and along trails. Near children. One particularly disgusting young man offered pot to a group of pee wee's in ski school. I was surprised to see this kind of element at Stratton. Certain mountains (Killington, Hunter) have a reputation for drawing that kind of rough crowd. I thought Stratton was a classier, more refined place. I was wrong. The cute village and the fancy shops and the cozy Gondola are all for naught if you're exposing your children to potheads. It's kind of sad.

I told management about the incident, and they shrugged their shoulders and said "what can we do"? That's easy - hire more ski patrol. I skied a full 5 hours today and never saw a single ski patrol. So there was no one to report the pot smokers too.

And, No, you will not find this hoodlum element everywhere - you'll never find this kind of behavior at Lake Placid/Whiteface, Okemo, Tremblant to name a few.

So, like I said, I was surprised and others parents should know.

It's a shame because the ski school is extremely well organized and the grooming is superb. But when a disgusting pothead is yelling down from the chairlift to a bunch of pee wee's in ski school that they can "have a quick hit of marijuana", and no one in management does anything....well, that just about ends the appeal of a resort for me.

Not coming back.