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Firsthand Reports

Lenny M.

So glad I only decided to head up for the day. People falling every 5 minutes causing lift delays, bare spots on almost every blue or green I ran today, and giant patches of ice being uncovered by noon. The staff weren't even putting up warning poles it took almost all morning to finally flag a huge spot near the top of Gore peak (forgot the trail name, but mind you it was on the other side of a hill so anyone who didn't know could have hit it).

7 hours ago - Okemo Mountain Resort.

Spring Snow 0"
Okemo Mountain Resort +

Half an inch of man made on top of a sheet of ice. Nothing they can do. This winter is a bust

8 hours ago - Okemo Mountain Resort.

Machine Made

amature hour at okemo. minimal lines at 830 till about 930 or 945 when every 5th group had a skier who falls while getting on the lift, then they stop the lift for 3 minutes because he\she is a moron who can't figure out how to get back up.

16 hours ago - Okemo Mountain Resort.

Corn Snow
Jay Pitocchelli’s iPhone

Nice soft spring skiing today.

2 day(s) ago - Okemo Mountain Resort.


Firm slush up top, soft slush down below with some wet spots that will grab you. Generally good cover with the obstacles that are there marked. Wanted to get in a day before it froze up, and while conditions aren't nearly perfect today, it will be an ice rink in Friday without a doubt. Okemo should recover faster and better than most, but I would be amazed if over half the trails up top were not very hard and crusty at best once it freezes. South face has the best conditions today due to less traffic.

3 day(s) ago - Okemo Mountain Resort.

Spring Snow 0"