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Okemo Mountain Resort Resort Reviews

by: sja7 - 4th March 2011

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great condtions, beautiful mountain
Some staff, maintenance

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I arrived with my family on a Friday morning, with child like enthusiasm. We were staying slopeside, but could not check in until 5. We decided to ski all day , and then check in. In my efforts to attain some basic info and get our lift tickets, the lady at the desk seemed either unable to process much or annoyed from my simple questions. Questions like... "Is that the building we will be staying in? " Although she was less than friendly,I chalked it up to her just being in a bad mood and thought nothing of it. HOWEVER.. On our second or third run, my 5 year old wanted to go down "Hotdog hill" which has small jumps for the little ones. There is a small entrance gate with some instructions which I read thoroughly before proceeding. Upon reaching the first jump there was staff raking the side of it. As my daughter went over it, he rudely commented that "we could at least wait until he was done" After my daughter went over the second jump, several other staff started gesturing with there arms an uttering comments I could not hear. My first thought was- I did not see this run roped off, so why the attitude, and if what they were doing required no traffic, why did they not rope it off? After realiazing that I was dropping 2000.00 $ in 2 days here, I was not too happy with what just transpired. I let them know in a matter of words I was not happy with what I just saw. My words were strong, but warranted. ONe of these staff members actaully chased me down the hill on a snowmobile to "have words with me" in front of my family. He, of course was rude and demeaning. "Let me give you some advice" he said. If you see people working on a hill , you need to stay away for your own safety. I responded by telling him- Let me give you some advice. 1. The run you were working on was not roped off. 2. I am spending a lot of money to enjoy my weekend, and I do not need anyone giving me an attitude. He then got back on his snowmoblile -fired it up quite excessively spitting snow all over my 5 year old and driving off. Yes... I was ANGRY!! THis pretty much set the tone for the entire day. I cannot understand how the mountain is not ready to ski upon opening. THere are 6 hours of daylight to maintain the slopes- Prior to opening, and after close. As I sit here writing this I have not seen any staff out there other than the groomers. It is flat out poor management to not have the mountain ready for skiing at opening. But wait there is more! They close down about 1/3 of the mountain during the week in order to save energy and the earth, or so I was told. However they do not discount the lift ticket by 1/3. This meant that we could not get to the true summit. So while they have several lifts closed, you wait 15 minutes to get on the only lift that goes NEAR the top. That was very frustrating! Standing in line looking at the lift next door not even open! All to worship at the church of ALgore. This actually irritated me more than the rude staff. I need to point out that most of the staff I encountered after the intial few, were friendly, and helpful. Upon Checking in at 5 I explained the intial incident to the different staff at the counter, and she was very appologetic. So, we will ski 1 more day, and hope for the best. The okemo mountain lodge is fun. It is a bit outdated, but being slopeside is well worth it. In closing, I cannot understand how anyone working here feels they need to be nasty to those of us paying their wage. I certainly understand how some people can be difficult and expect too much, but for 81$ a ticket, and 400$ a night, the treatment i recieved was out of line.

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