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Mount Snow Resort Reviews

by: Joe Zaino - 24th March 2014

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North Face,Four High Speed Lifts,Terrain,Carinthia
North Face lifts are slow,Greens are insanely crowded with lessons/beginners.

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I've been to Mount Snow countless times and have been going there for a long time, so I think I can place a valid opinion on the mountain. When you go to the Lodge get your bags checked, its completely worth it. Also, for lunch, go to the Green Mountain Country Deli across from the food court and get some of that amazing Mac & Cheese, it's just too good. Now my trail guide: Beginners: Try to avoid taking the Bubble Chair (Bluebird Express) as much as you can, the lines are a pain and it's not worth it. If you want to take it up once, get it between noon and 1 when everyone is inside eating lunch. If you decide to take that or the Grand Summit Express, try to avoid Long John and Deer Run, they're almost always crowded with lessons and avoiding them can be a nuisance. Take the Canyon Express on most of your runs. The lines are never very crowded and you have some very nice skiing options for beginners. When you get to the top, the best options are: -Go left and take Canyon down to the bottom. Although it is a blue square run, it is a very gentle blue, as Mt. Snow's blue's difficulties vary from a typical green run (Canyon,Snowdance,River Run) to a typical single black run.(Hop,Upper Exibition,Ego Alley with moguls) It is one of the places on Mt. Snow where I learned to ski and unlike Long John and Deer Run, you have a lot of room to turn and not a ton of people ski it. -The next best option is take a right and go down Snowdance. Like I said earlier, Snowdance is a very gentle blue that beginners can find to be a very nice run. It is a very wide run. Go For: Canyon Express Canyon Run Snowdance River Run Ridge Avoid: Bubble Lift Long John/Deer Run Intermediates: The best place for intermediates by far is Sunbrook. Not a lot of people head over there for reasons that I don't know. Like I said earlier, the difficulty of the blue square runs at Mount Snow vary a lot. If you want to ski blues that don't kill you, the best runs are Shooting Star, Cloud Nine and Thanks Walt. Big Dipper is also a great run. It is not skied very often because it is never open. However, if you don't want to deal with an annoying pitch at the end, hop on One Small Step and merge with Thanks Walt. On the main side, the best blues to ski are Cascade (Which used to be Upper Choke), Overbrook, and Uncles (Which happens to be my favorite blue on the mountain). If you're more of a high intermediate skier, and looking for more of challenging blues, the best runs for you are Hop, Shootout, Upper Exibition, Ego Alley, Chute, Fallen Timbers, and Ledge. Yes I realize the last three are blacks but they are more like advanced blues than blacks. Go For: Sundance Lift Canyon Express Sunbrook Area The "Fingers" runs (Cutoff through Shootout) Cascade Overbrook Chute Ledge Fallen Timbers Sleeper: Hit a glade called Frontier. Take the Tumbleweed lift up, take a left and take a left into the woods. It's a very nice, short glade that's a nice introductory glade for intermediates looking for some tree skiing. Advanced Skiers: Two words should come to mind if you're an advanced skier. North Face. If you're looking for a true challenge, don't even bother with any of the blacks that aren't on the North Face. Yard Sale is always icy and littered with intermediates trying to impress their friends by skiing it and therefore taking all the snow off of it. Ledge and Pat's Pitch aren't even worth mentioning. Beartrap on Sunbrook is nice when it's moguled up in the afternoon. But that's the extension of the quality advanced skiing on parts not named the North Face. If you're looking for moguls, Challenger, Freefall, PDF, Little Steep, and Boulder Pile (which used to be Lower Challenger) are the best runs. Challenger starts off very narrow but not very steep and ends very narrow but very steep. It's not skied a ton since it's kind of obscure compared to the rest of the north face runs, so the snow is usually good. Freefall runs under the Challenger lift. (I think Mt. Snow flip-flopped the trail names of challenger and Freefall not too long ago, I'm not sure why.) Freefall can get wicked bumpy and crazy icy, so the skiing can get tough, but I don't think it's a bad run. PDF is a nice sleeper run on the North Face, it runs in between Freefall and Plummet and the snow on it is excellent. It also allows you to hop into the Epiphany Glades, which are very nice trees. Little Steep is pretty much what the name tells you. It's short and steep. There's nothing much more to it than that. Boulder Pile is more or less a slightly longer version of Little Steep. It gives you a glimpse into what Ripcord is like, but not nearly as steep and not nearly as long. The best glade on the North Face is The Trials. If you take the hiking expedition out to Upper Olympic (which I will talk about next paragraph), hop into the woods and ride the best trail on the mountain IMO. The snow in there is the best on the mountain and the tree spacing is perfect. If you go to Mt. Snow, this is a must ski trail. If you hate moguls but still want difficulty, the best trails for you are Fallen Timbers and Plummet. Fallen Timbers is always groomed and is more like an advanced blue than a black but it's still a nice trail because I love ripping down it. Plummet is essentially a much steeper version of Fallen Timbers. Chute is sometimes groomed, sometimes not so be wary of that. The last trail worthy of mention here is Olympic. The top of Olympic either has no snow on it or it's a sheet of ice. If you want to ski Olympic, go down the beginning of Fallen Timbers, then hop onto Olympic. The mid-lower part is essentially an advanced blue. Expert: If you know something about the hardest trails in the east, Ripcord has had to come up somewhere and I bet if you haven't been to Mt. Snow, you want to hear all about what Ripcord is like. But be patient, I will get to it. I'll start off with the second hardest trail on the mountain, Jaws. Getting to it is a bit of a pain, I hate the trail Committed, which leads to Jaws and Ripcord. The snow on Committed sucks and the moguls are very very icy. Now onto the trail. Once titled The Jaws of Death, this all natural run starts off at glade width and the moguls are similar to the moguls on Challenger. After you pass the entrance, the trail widens a little and it starts to get very steep. When you ski it, you realize that there's a very big difficulty gap between every other single black on the mountain and Jaws. The path of the run is similar to Plummet. Now, I'm going to talk about Ripcord. I'm gonna say this right off the bat. If you know you're not qualified to ski Ripcord, don't ski it. It's not fun to ski when you're struggling the whole way down. Make use of Second Thoughts (The name speaks for itself), if you know you're not qualified for Ripcord. Yes, the reputation of Ripcord is correct, it's a wicked steep trail and constant iciness doesn't help a bit. The best side to hit it is skiers left, where the trail holds snow the best. Now onto the true hardest trail on the mountain. Take the entrance to Ripcord and stay skiers right (Yes I know this is redundant to what I just said but trust me), hop into Second Thoughts and about 10 feet into the trail, take a left and hop into the woods which I believe is the deadliest descent on the mountain. The trees in there are known as The Plunge, it runs parallel to Ripcord and IMO it's a harder run than Ripcord. When you are about to enter it and look down into it, it looks like a mine shaft with trees. The trees in there are the tightest on the mountain by far, it has Ripcord steepness, it has downed trees, and three mandatory airs ranging from 6 to 15 feet. Don't be that guy that skis Ripcord and says nah and goes down Second Thoughts only to hop into the trees and ends up killing themselves going down The Plunge. By the way, the snow in The Plunge is excellent, so skiing it isn't a ton of work, unlike Ripcord. So there's your guide to Mt. Snow. If you have any questions about it, feel free to message me.

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