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Mount Snow Resort Reviews

by: skigenome57 - 7th February 2011

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  • Expert
  • 3All-Mtn. Terrain
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big, proximity, Lots of lifts, good layout, PARKS, wide open trails, grooming/snowmaking
proximity=crowded, most lifts are slow, not many narrow windy runs, not very steep

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Snow advertises itself as being the closest big mountain in Vermont. In fact, it is one of the biggest in Vermont at 600 acres, mainly due to very wide trails. Terrain: Beginners: In short, beginners will have a lot of fun at snow. Never-evers are set to go at the launch pad, with many magic carpets and a triple. Upon graduation there, move to Cooper's Junction, which is a lot more interesting. The beauty of beginner areas at snow is higher level skiers tend to avoid those areas, as they are quite isolated, so beginners can ski stress free. If feeling up to it, ride up to the summit on the Grand Summit Express and take a run down deer run/long john (long). The blues at snow are also doable for beginners, so there is a good progression here. Intermediate: Intermediates will love it here. The runs are very wide and well kept. On the main face, my favorites for ripping wide arcs are south bowl (wide like a bowl), ridge, ego alley, lodge, and snowdance. Roller coaster has some nice mellow bumps. The good thing about the main face is that conservative intermediates won't end up on a trail that is way beyond them, because all of the harder trails are on the north face, so they can really explore . Sunbrook has some great, sunny, uncrowded runs as well, but beware: it's serviced by a s-l-o-w quad (soon, I hear, to be replaced by a hsq). Strong intermediates will be able to do most of the runs on the north face as well (on the right day), but please don't come to the north face with pizzas going sideways down the trail, because that takes the fun out of the north face! Experts: This section is short because there isn't much for them. There's nothing on the main face except for some pointless trees. There's Beartrap on sunbrook for nice spring bumps, and some glades there as well, but nothing exciting. Ungroomed and some tree runs on north face are fun. The only runs at the resort that can make even experienced skiers pause are Jaws and Ripcord: steep, bumpy, icy, but short. Terrain Parks: Best in the East in this regard, period. I'm not great at park as I prefer natural terrain, but if I was, this place would automatically earn a 5 from me. Their park section is bigger than a lot of entire ski areas, with it's own high speed quad, and two doubles, yet still easy to access from the main ski area. Every ability is catered to, from departing the ground for the first time, to Simon Dumonts. Some Gripes: It is close to Boston and New York, so it obviously gets crowded, though with 20+ chairlifts, there is always a lift without a line. Unfortunately, being close to cities and having the best parks in the east attracts some rude teenage boarder types (sorry!). All abilities except for the highest advanced skiers will be right at home here (not including parks!), which leads me to the main reason I gave the place 3. Honestly, Mt. Snow dies a little in my view when I compare it's difficulty (or lack thereof) to places like Stowe or Mad River Glen. However, if I were more of a groomer/cruiser type or terrain park person, Snow would be an automatic 5 in my book. I have no idea about the nightlife.

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