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First day of pow for me in 2 years. Decided to spend time at the Beast. Perfect day.

1 day(s) ago - Killington Resort.


Great day today to go out ice skirting at killington. Seemed like red bull crashed ice.

2 day(s) ago - Killington Resort.

Machine Made 0"

First time at Killington and I thought it was pretty damn good. Great Eastern has to be my fave trail thus far but I still have to hit more mountain.

2 day(s) ago - Killington Resort.


This season is DOA unless Mother Nature dumps some major cover! Safer to wear ice skates. Great Eastern, death trap

2 day(s) ago - Killington Resort.


The conditions were ok the top of the mountain was the only good part but they are getting hammered this weekend with snow so it looks good.

2 day(s) ago - Killington Resort.

Machine Made