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so lifts will be shutdown for some reason other than the wind?

44 day(s) ago - Jay Peak.

Jay Peak +

last Sunday was new snow blown to the right side of the mountain, making it a great day

46 day(s) ago - Jay Peak.

Jay Peak +

with 19" the past three days wasn't that hard to find fresh powder stashes in the upper glades

49 day(s) ago - Jay Peak.

Variable Conditions 19"
great day

Sure the snow report probably rounded up, but there was plenty of powder to go around on the upper mountain today. Fresh tracks in the woods and no lift lines. A reward to those who remained committed all winter

50 day(s) ago - Jay Peak.

Packed powder
don't be fooled

The ski report can be misleading. Snow in the past 48 hours is 4" and has been blown everywhere. It's time to close the book on a lousy winter... Better luck next year

51 day(s) ago - Jay Peak.

Variable Conditions 4"