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Infographic: Snowiest Resort 1/11-1/17 - ©Dave Camara

Infographic: Snowiest Resort 1/11-1/17

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⛷Tuesday... tram closed for routine maintenance, groomers are soft, trees are hard but can find stashes

5 hours ago - Jay Peak.

Chris Ryan II

Rode Saturday and Sunday. Saturday very east coast skiing. Sunday a bit better. Glades were awesome in comparison. Sides of trails were buttery snow for the most part.

17 hours ago - Jay Peak.

Hard Packed 0"

skied sat and Sunday .... very hard packed lots of icy spots .... glades very hard needs to warm up or get some new snow!

22 hours ago - Jay Peak.

Hard Packed 0"

Skied Saturday 1/14. Snow is hard packed and icy in places. Hard work skiing, exhausted legs. No lift lines on a holiday weekend.

2 day(s) ago - Jay Peak.

Hard Packed 0"
david's iPhone

Sheet of ice, sadly. Wind has blown any powder away. Groomers only and even those are like riding on loose gravel.

2 day(s) ago - Jay Peak.

Hard Packed 0"