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12.29 Snow Before You Go: Feet for New Year's

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Skied Saturday 1/14. Snow is hard packed and icy in places. Hard work skiing, exhausted legs. No lift lines on a holiday weekend.

19 hours ago - Jay Peak.

Hard Packed 0"

Conditions today are variable. Lots of hardpack and some ice, minimal snow coverage. It's skiable, but make sure you've got good sharp edges for those icy patches. Glades are very icy, not worth it. On the plus side, no lines and not crowded at all. Overall I'd rate it about 5/10.

3 day(s) ago - Jay Peak.

Hard Packed 0"

Can someone post a report please?

3 day(s) ago - Jay Peak.

Geoff's iphone

Yeah really? Is it icy?

3 day(s) ago - Jay Peak.

BEATA's iPhone

Any honest updates about the conditions would be great!

4 day(s) ago - Jay Peak.