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Firsthand Reports


How's the base in the trees??

4 hours ago - Jay Peak.

Jay Peak +

Sierra cement. Where the snow was deep is now thick and heavy. Lots of bare spots on the bump runs. Did not see any ice. Although it's not looking good tomorrow. Hoping for quick change over to snow tonight.

21 hours ago - Jay Peak.

Spring Snow

Not bad...but thin cover in some areas. If we get the 6" they are expecting Sat night it should be good to go. FYI... The wind was warm wind but the return to winter is coming.

21 hours ago - Jay Peak.

Hard Packed 0"
Jay Peak +

Two words.... Stay Home. Thick ice, mad bare spots, windy. Cold temps returning will turn this place into an ice skating rink.

1 day(s) ago - Jay Peak.

Wet Snow 0"
Jay Peak +

Jay Another great Day

2 day(s) ago - Jay Peak.

Spring Snow