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posted 6 day(s) ago by crdoyle1986

Not a whole lot you can do when a massive rain storm rolls in the day before. If you don't mind getting creative and dodging turf, it's not awful. Upper mountains not so bad, lower is a minefield. Did the best with what they had.
Corn Snow
posted 6 day(s) ago by cadmium

Ice! Ice! Ice! what a game we play, still had a good time and the groomers did a fantastic job with what they had. base is definitely no longer 32 inches... much turf showing.
Jay Peak +
Machine Groomed
posted 9 day(s) ago by Matts iPhone

Great day at Jay. The groomers did a terrific job what with they had to work with.
posted 10 day(s) ago by Steven's iPhone

Absolutely loved it there! Went there with the ski club on friday (1/29) and came home sunday (1/31). Best mountain! Even though there were some icy spots and a few rock patches, overall it was good. Went there two years ago and loved it then too.
posted 10 day(s) ago by Porter and parents

Rode trails Saturday, then Sunday, Hiked to peak from mountain rd. Had a great weekend. Low tide shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

Displaying 6 - 10 of 1695 Firsthand Reports

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