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Wow! I was pleasantly surprised by conditions. Some new overnight snow made the sketchy runs fun and the groomers plain awesome. Waited in a line of maybe 4 people once... just did laps on beautiful spring snow. Get it before it melts or is washed away by rain!

201 day(s) ago - Q Burke Mountain Resorts.

Spring Snow 1"
Tom’s iPhone

Very good conditions today considering he season we're having. Hard pack. Not many people here, ski directly onto the lift.

226 day(s) ago - Q Burke Mountain Resorts.

Hard Packed

Nice new hotel. Now how about putting some $ into snowmaking !

240 day(s) ago - Q Burke Mountain Resorts.

John's 6 Plus

Conditions are ok and more trails will be opening for the weekend. The beer is excellent tho.

255 day(s) ago - Q Burke Mountain Resorts.

anonymous user

I was there on 1/4/16 and it was quite bad. there was one lift open and it didn't open till noon since it was broken and then the conditions were so bad. the main problem was that they were trying to make so much snow that when you skied you couldn't see 10 feet in front of you. I have never experienced such terrible visibility. would have been okay if they had more trails open but there were just 2 or so

256 day(s) ago - Q Burke Mountain Resorts.