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Solitude Mountain Resort Resort Reviews

by: Lindsey Johnson - 17th February 2014

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HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE Customer SERVICE – GARY Deseelhorst, “the OWNER” and Rental associates!!! ONLY come here IF there is NO WEATHER is the forecast. After one awesome day skiing here and overall great experience, my group of eight friends and I bought tickets to enjoy another day on the mountain. We bought our tickets about mid-morning and did 7 LIFTS. Around noon, the lifts closed down due to a few thunder and lightning events. We all went in for lunch, then called Ticketing about the situation, wondering when they would re-open the lifts. Their response was to keep calling back, no explanation why (we assumed weather) or forecast when they would reopen. We called every 10 minutes and each time, got the same short, rude response;’still still closed’". It felt like they were pissed that we even called. AND then the last response I got was "JUST LET IT GO (very RUDE)". So, by 3:00 pm, our group got a total of 1 hour skiing, and a $100 bar tab. Our bad for the lunch bill, but after spending a bunch of cash to get here, stay here, we thought Solitude may be reasonable enough to give us a few hours skiing next day. Not too unreasonable, right? This was the turning point- we went Ticketing, the ticket associates were not responsive at all- they were told by their “owner” to give a rote response to ALL customers "There are NO refunds unless you've done 4 LIFTS or less. This is the best way we're accommodating our customers." I’m not sure where this magic number 4 came in but we just spend $600 on lift tickets to ski for about an hour of the day!! We brainstormed and proposed ideas as a full refund, half day refund, a comp half-day for the following day- as we were planning to stay one more day- everything was NO, period end of discussion This wasn’t their first arugment concerning refunds, there was a line of about 10 people behind us. They were as frustrated as us. So instead of shooting the messenger, we demanded to see the manager. It took literally 10 minutes of hard deliberating to get them to summon their manager, the master-mind behind the 4 Lift or less rule. “The owner”, Gary Deseelhorst (look him up, he’s been Solitude’s biggest toolbag since the late 70’s), was outside so we walked outside to have a conversation with him. Without saying a word, he seemed annoyed and said “The lifts are running, no refunds (3:15pm).” We then proceeded to tell him our situation; he could not have cared less. He had no answer to even our basic questions, like why does our day end after 4 lift rides, OR why can’t you help us continue enjoying our time here. Keep in mind that we’re paying top dollar to stay at the ski-in ski-out, so the expectations of a good time are high. This would have been easier to swallow if the hot tub was open, but that was closed too, for reasons undisclosed to us. His best answer was “we’ve never had a refund policy in 30 years, so we’re not refunding you today”. He proudly considered 4 lift rides a full day. I guess his rationale was once a douchy policy, always douchy policy. What a way to run a mountain. But hay, he’s been doing it for 30+ years, and they’re still in business , so maybe it works. Just an observation: there were no lines at Solitude on President’s day weekend, on what most ski areas claim to be their busiest day of the year. Gary, is that your fault, or the weather’s?

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