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Solitude Mountain Resort Resort Reviews

by: Jane Divorcing - 22nd January 2014

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Small, no lift lines
Food is insultingly bad and expensive; nothing to do for non-skiiers

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My family members love to ski but I can't anymore due to a medical condition. I was hoping there'd be lots to do while they spent the days on the slopes. I imagined I would find a nice cozy spot in a lodge with a fireplace, overlooking the ski mountain so I could write. Turns out there were several fireplace-lounge type areas but you had to be staying overnight in that very building in order to get in (because your key card only works in your building). The one place I found that was open to any guest that had the fireplace and couches was the main area the resort uses for meeting with its brides/grooms to-be to sell wedding packages. The sales pitch was so distracting I had no way to relax by the fire, not to mention the fact that they constantly opened the door and left it open while they brought the potential wedding customers outside to show them the grounds. I was very cold and kept having to get up and close the door. I can only say this about the food: It was insulting. We paid three times what we would pay at a restaurant down the mountain and it was some of the worst tasting food ever experienced in a restaurant! They have a captive audience and don't think they need to invest in good cooks or recipes/quality food. My pasta dish arrived warm on the outside but (no exaggeration) ICE COLD on the inside. So obviously they are serving frozen food. And when I sent it back and they brought the second one to me, it was warm enough but totally tasteless. I don't think their kitchens have ever seen a spice or seasoning. The pizza was atrocious. Clearly frozen, and not even as tasty as Tombstone. My son's spaghetti with tomato sauce was swimming in about a cup of water in the bottom of the bowl (so they obviously hadn't strained the pasta -- or maybe the ice had just thawed out and the cook forgot to stir it up before serving). Now let me mention the condominium accommodations. They are okay. The bed in mine was so hard we had to put the extra down-comforter under the sheets to give it some padding. We had some minor problems with lightbulbs being burnt out and a few other small inconveniences, but the dudes at the front desk took hours to come up and handle them. The pool and hot tub that looks so pretty on the website? Not open during the day (which would have given me something else to do while waiting for the family), and even when they are open, there is no way to get into them without being exposed to the 20 degree temperatures in your bathing suits! I've stayed at other ski resorts with outdoor pools and they usually have a system which allows you to enter the pool from a room inside and swim under the wall, so that you never have to feel cold. I did not find the experience of rushing into the water from the freezing cold path in any way relaxing. And getting out was a nightmare. I would only recommend you consider spending your hard-earned family vacation money on this place under the following conditions: 1.) Everyone in your party will be skiing. If anyone who doesn't ski is thinking they will be able to lounge around and get work done or read or some other quiet activity, be prepared that the only quiet place to do this would be your room, and there, you will have no view of the mountain, so you might as well be at a Days Inn Express on a highway in Anytown, USA. 2.) Stay in the condos, not the hotel (since you can make your own food), but use the extra comforter like we did if you can't sleep on a hard mattress. 3.) Go grocery shopping in Salt Lake City prior to arrival and plan to eat every meal at the condo, or plan to drive out of the resort for meals. (Incidentally, there is a phenomenal restaurant only minutes down the mountain from Solitude, called "The Silver Fork Lodge." The food was outstanding and much less expensive than most of the resort's food.)

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