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Bluebird and powder Saturday

3 day(s) ago - Snowbird.

Powder 6"

be advised Winter Weather warning in effect Saturday January 7th till 5pm monday jan 9. 1-2 feet expect and higher amounts on the actual mountain. Wind with gusts up to 70mph Guys I don't say this lightly but this is the type of storm that is particularly dangerous. This will be a "wetter" system and with all the new dry powder from this week we get prime avalanche conditions. Also, it's been cold enough that if it rains at the bottom part of the canyon, black ice could be an issue. Be safe

10 day(s) ago - Snowbird.


Awesome out there, another 5 feet of snow coming over the next week

10 day(s) ago - Snowbird.


January 6, 2017 Weather: Sunny and cold. Wind was not a factor. Visibility: Sunny day with no visibility issues Snow: Pow day+1. Still lots of good virgin lines to be found. Very cold overnight temperatures are keep the snow dry and right-side up. I expected the groomers to be choppy by the end of the day but I was surprised how nice and smooth they were. Snow is just so dry it's not possible for it to pack out(knock on wood.) Official count is 41" of new snow this week by the forest service, though Snowbird says 48". New storm system will add to that Saturday, continues into next week.

10 day(s) ago - Snowbird.

Powder 2"

January 5, 2017 Weather: Mostly cloudy/some periods of sun some flurries. Wind was not a factor. Mid teens but colder in the afternoon Visibility: Visibility was generally good and great when the sun peaked through. However, Mineral Basin had heavy haze with near whiteout conditions. Snow: Deep Epic Powder. Mother nature brought the goods and storms this week plastered us with 30+inches of new snow with that dry "powdered sugar" consistency. We are now safely past full coverage. Road to Provo will be the place to be tomorrow

11 day(s) ago - Snowbird.

Powder 13"