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skied wolf creek last weekend and came up to the bird for Thanksgiving. very disappointing to say the least. wish I'd stayed at wolfcreek for thanksgiving

2 hours ago - Snowbird.

Snowbird +

I am hitting snowbird this weekend, summer, you with me?

8 hours ago - Snowbird.

Packed powder 1"
Snowbird +

Summer, you are just mad because you want to ski with me. Sorry, BKopp only skis with hot chicks, while I am smashing the groomers like a boss

9 hours ago - Snowbird.


will more terrain be open if we get more snow on thanksgiving?

2 day(s) ago - Snowbird.


I also don't understand what you mean by you skied 8000 vert. The peak there is only 6500 ft. Snowbirds is 11000 ft. So are you saying you skied it 100 times? Congratulations. On the last day at the bird I was wearing shorts and a tank top cause it was nearly June

3 day(s) ago - Snowbird.