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I think Mr. Anonymous is full of crap, or the most famous freerider I've never heard of. Word of advice; be careful, over-confidence can hurt you. As for today; Snowbird enjoyed more snow. Tomorrow should also be good. It was snowing pretty heavily mid-afternoon.

8 hours ago - Snowbird.

Powder 4"

and once again its definitely not a sissy mountain, just not on my level

11 hours ago - Snowbird.


i have some buddies over in squaw who are pretty respected there. were probably gonna make a short film, will keep you guys updated?

11 hours ago - Snowbird.

My iPhone

Good luck at squaw. You'll definitely rip up something. I'm glad you'll be leaving this little sissy mountain to the rest of us.

14 hours ago - Snowbird.

Powder 2"

the tram is what i normally take, but it is all pretty tame. might head over to squaw valley next week, they just got a dump and i could rip up the palisades!

16 hours ago - Snowbird.