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Great day at PowMow! 7,000 acres for about 300 people. Snow softened up around 11. Lightning Ridge SnowCat was cool. Great place!

256 day(s) ago - Powder Mountain.

Spring Snow
Powder Mountain +

Sunny day today with a light dusting of powder

258 day(s) ago - Powder Mountain.

Packed powder
Powder Mountain +

So frickin' good today!

268 day(s) ago - Powder Mountain.

Powder 11"
Powder Mountain +

268 day(s) ago - Powder Mountain.

BCH’s iPhone

Was there yesterday 3/14 - did not see wet snow anywhere - 3-4 inches of fresh snow made for an awesome day - do yourself a favor and drive up to PM, it's one of the best resorts in the country. Great snow, awesome terrain and no crowds.

268 day(s) ago - Powder Mountain.