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Firsthand Reports

Powder Mountain +

Good day Saturday! Not crowded and the 3 inches of fresh stuff made for some nice skiing. Visibility was a bit of an issue though.

7 day(s) ago - Powder Mountain.

Packed powder 3"
Powder Mountain +

found some sick lines there today. place is awesome. about 8-10 of fresh saturday

14 day(s) ago - Powder Mountain.

Powder 8"

How is the new snow? I know there was rain and it was warm for a few days but is it any good today? Or spring conditions still?

15 day(s) ago - Powder Mountain.

Variable Conditions

Spring conditions. wet. slushy. hard to push around. Was not better on a board. Going straight down a black "powder" run was extremely slow and hard to turn. Love the terrain though. Will come back when conditions are better.

17 day(s) ago - Powder Mountain.

Spring Snow 0"
Lisa Jorgensen

Snow is elephant snot. Powder thats been rained on. May be good on a board but not so Much double planking.

17 day(s) ago - Powder Mountain.