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Brighton Resort Resort Reviews

by: Richard - 2nd February 2009

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Lots of great terrain, awesome snow
Lots of young kids, lots of snowboarders, price

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Brighton is a great little resort in Utah, although some would argue that it's just a park rat's resort. The thing is, you just have to know where to look. We go to Brighton every time we're in Utah, no matter what the conditions are. They have great backcountry and fun groomers to rip up if the snow's not that good in the BC. But at Brighton, the snow rarely "isn't good", even days after a storm. Again, you just have to know where to look. I can't tell you were to look, you'll have to figure that out yourself. But let's just say, some of the best snow in Big Cottonwood can be found in and around Brighton. True, Brighton does advertise itself as a park-specific resort, but you'd be foolish to think that that's all the little resort has. While people go to the other resorts that aren't so park-specific, the hidden snow goes untouched for days until those who are willing to venture for it find it. That was us. We found some great, untouched lines at Brighton our last day in Utah. We were hucking some cliffs into knee-deep pow. We were slashing some turns through wide glades, with the snow hitting us in the chest. And we were dropping small pillow lines. All in one day. Hell, all within one run. Just go looking for it, but be aware: pay attention to Brighton's signage. If they say that something it out of bounds or that it's dangerous, they mean it. You can quickly get in over your head at Brighton if you look too much. We lapped some BC at Brighton for the first half of the morning, until we couldn't make the big pow turns. We stopped to cool off at the new Milly lodge. This place is a great addition: it alleviates the busyness of the other lodge on Brighton, for one, and for two, not many people know of it since it's kind of out of the way, and next to the "expert's only" Millicent quad. The food is priced right, too...obviously still spendy, but moderately priced for resort food. Plus, if it is as warm as it was on Saturday, they open up the big doors on the lodge and let the sun--and Mount Millicent shine in for an awesome view. The last half of the day we just rocked some groomers to stretch out our legs and cool down for the end of a long and surprisingly powder-filled trip. There were a lot of little kids learning on the front side of Brighton, so take care to mind your turns and be respectful...Brighton boasts great terrain for little rippers to get their legs. Show them some courtesy! One thing of note is how much Brighton's ticket prices have gone up. In the past year or so, I estimate the tickets have gone up $12. Stopping by a local ski shop in SLC (such as The Lifthouse) only saves you $3 or $4 off of a ticket. But, the good part about paying more for heading to Brighton is you can see your money at work: such as the new Milly Quad chair and the new Milly Lodge. Don't let Brighton slip past you: go check it out. You won't be disappointed if you just look around...

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