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Firsthand Reports

Brian Head Resort +

It was on point Saturday

29 day(s) ago - Brian Head Resort.

Brian Head Resort +

Snowed all morning...awesome sprinkle skiing and the snow is still amazing...tons of untouched powder to play in...I don't think I waited more than 60 seconds to get on a lift all day and every run still open

36 day(s) ago - Brian Head Resort.

Powder 2"
Brian Head Resort +

3" new over crusties and groomers today made for fresh pow tracks this afternoon. Still snowing @4:00pm, no peeps. Shh

41 day(s) ago - Brian Head Resort.

Powder 3"
Brian Head Resort +

Had a great time. Awesome snow and great little mountain!

44 day(s) ago - Brian Head Resort.


I was up here yesterday and it snowed REALLY hard. Come get the pow (mostly at The Dunes) before it's gone!

56 day(s) ago - Brian Head Resort.

Powder 4"