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This is the 5th year I have been here each February and sadly this is the worst! While the base is good, temps are up in the low 40s. the snow is melting and then refreezing overnight. So you guessed it, it is hard packed and icy until later in the morning. Off trail is covered with moguls so if your coming up, sharpen your edges your going to need it.

7 hours ago - Alta Ski Area.

Hard Packed
Alta Ski Area +

@Victoria don't worry about a thing. I'm sorry if my report from this weekend made you lose even an ounce of enthusiasm about your trip. The truth is I meant it being warmer as a good thing. We've been getting pounded by storms and cold all season and you'll get to enjoy the benefit of that in more mild conditions. Trust me, you don't want it to storm THIS weekend. We'd be stuck in traffic coming down till summer if it did

20 hours ago - Alta Ski Area.

rdenison’s iPhone

@vic snow is in great condition. Skied there yesterday and going again tomorrow.

22 hours ago - Alta Ski Area.


Plenty of snow but very warm. I had high hopes this year after planning trip and watching all the January snowfall reports. It happens to me every year.

1 day(s) ago - Alta Ski Area.

Spring Snow 0"
Victoria's iPhone

Coming this weekend and worried if it will be too warm. Guess they have plenty of snow. Any advice? I've skied here many times but think it's always been cold. Thx

2 day(s) ago - Alta Ski Area.