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Alta Ski Area Resort Reviews

by: Fud - 23rd February 2009

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Tons of snow, great people, beautiful, big, well laid out
cons are pros in disguise here

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I first visited Alta a couple days ago...we skied Alta and Snowbird on this trip. Alta is perfect for skiers of all abilities..I'm an expert and my girlfriend has only skied a couple of times and we both loved it. Everyone that swears by Alta and loves it does so b/c the cons are pros there. Alta simply avoids the frilly gimmicky things that have become so popular at ski areas...this scares away the boneheads. It scares away those who are attracted by gondolas, trams, spas, four star resturaunts, bowling alleys, lift saftey bar/footrests, snowboarders (simply not allowed). Leaving only those who love to ski, love the deep powder and don't like excessive skier/snowboarder traffic. Alta skiers are considerate, they know slope etiquette they usually run off to the far reaches of the resort and are not clogging up the base areas. Don't get me wrong, Alta has places to eat and drink some beers and we thought the food was good (still resort type prices). You can find powder here all day long (it gets harder each hour following a storm...but not as hard as snowbird)....there is always powder for those willing to earn it via a hike out to catherines area or other pow stashes. They apparently keep there capital expenditures/operating costs relatively low in various ways that allows them the freedom to be profitable with less you can easily be the only person on very vast areas. One example of this is the long rope tow they have between the Albion and the Wildcat base areas. If they were to replace this with a gondola....that would certainly take their capital expenditures and operating costs way up while attracting the masses to cover the cost of it....I'll take uncrowded and that rope tow anyday. Alta is great for all skiing abilities! Don't even bother with the Alta and Snowbird ticket...Alta is the way to go. If you are there to ski, you will like Alta much is less like skiing at a resort and more like skiing on a mountain!

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