Alta Ski Area Review

by: anonymous_user - Feb 19, 2007

  • Overall Rating 4
  • Family Friendly 5
  • All-Mtn. Terrain 5
  • Terrain Park 1
  • Nightlife 3

    Date Visited: Feb 19, 2007

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Alta is for Skiers. Period. That should never change. To the Bro that's skied everywhere in the four corners, dude get a clue. You claim there are bad snowboarders and bad skiers, no doubt, however a bad boarder pushes the snow off the mountain and a bad skier never gets to the steep and deep because they know better. I've watched horrible boarders push a 3' wide patch of snow from top to bottom of STH at Snowbird. You'll never see a beginner skier attempt STH and ruin the run for everyone else. It's the arrogance of most boarders that gets skiers angry. Boarders of any skill level seem to think their good enough to go anywhere on the mountain when in fact they aren't. I applaud your ability to shred a run and make perfect turns thus leaving lots of open area for others. Unfortunately the vast majority of your boarder brethern don't live in the same world as you. Don't you find it just a little curious that are no "Boarder Only" resorts? Long live Atla!