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Alta Ski Area Resort Reviews

by: anonymous_user - 16th February 2007

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I am from colorado and I have relatives in salt lake, I have been to almost every mountain in the 4 corners states, excluding the ski only mountains. Yes I snowboard and I am confident that I could shred alta with the best of them. The problem here is not with snowboarders. Anyone who can actually snowboard doesnt scrape off the powder, they ride it just like skiers, bombing fast, making perfect turns. The problem is that their are bad snowboarders and skiers. I get cut off more by skiers than boarders, and I usually board with skiers. I grew up skiing and they both have strengths and weaknesses. I challenge these ski-elitests to take 3 days to learn to board then go out on a powder day and tell me if you have fun. ALso like someone else posted, most of the new ski technology has come from snowboards, so unless you want to ride some pre 1990s straight skis with foam cores you should learn to ski alongside boarders cause we're here to stay! Also look at the young ski crowd what with their newfangled twin tip skis, skiing backwards down the mountain, ripping halfpipe and park along with their snowboard brethren, we are one and the same.

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