Alta Ski Area Review

by: anonymous_user - Feb 9, 2007

  • Overall Rating 1
  • Family Friendly 1
  • All Mtn. Terrain 3
  • Terrain Park 1
  • Nightlife 2

    Date Visited: Feb 9, 2007

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my experience at alta is limited due to the fact you cant snowboard there. lame. im an expert snowboarder and probably could do laps around most of these skiers posting info on here. i have been hit by many more run away skiis than boards. boards have straps they stay on our feet unlike skiis that fly off constantly when skiers fall. anyway im not hating, i want us all to get along. alta, deer valley, and taos are lame. all you snowboard haters stay there. im sick of all the crap everyone talks on each other. by the way do u realize the way skiis are shaped now are based on snowboard technology, parks and pipes wouldnt exist without snowboarding? the majority of ski resorts would be out of business right now? snowboarding revamped interest in the mountains, the late 80s early 90s saw an extreme drop in ticket sales across the country, then came along something new and its great that you have a choice to board, ski, snowskate, or snowbike. its too bad alta doesnt realize what the snowindustry should really be about.