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Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort Resort Reviews

by: sasaquash - 28th December 2008

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nice view
rude people at the resort

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We just went to the resort the weekend before christmas because we wanted to experiece skiing and snow tubing. Parking in downtown is difficult, you have to pay for it. When we arrived on Sunday, there was a notice posted on the ticketing window that the slopes are close due to weather is not cold enough and snow tubing is still close, which disappointed us since it is the reason why we went there. I asked the person at the window when the slopes are going to open, that maybe the next day since its really going to be cold and she replied that it may take several daysor week. With that, we just looked forward with our reservation we made through the phone which was a package consisting of unlimited tramway ride, scenic chair lift, bungee run, indoor ice skate, and alpine ride. So, the next day we head out to the resort, we didn't get dress for skiing because they told us they're close for skiing, just to our surprise when we reached the resort the slopes were open but still no snow tubing as they advertise that it will open that date. We were going to settle on our group package but one of them (alpine slide) is close. When we asked if they can give us a discount to get other rides or exchange it to someting of equal value, since we paid for it they said they cannot do anything about it. And that we would have appreciated it if they told us ahead of time while we're in the office down the mountain instead of finding out when we're already up in the resort. And we needed to get what we paid for. Their reason was that the reservation wasn't made through their office. I responded that there was no other way to purchase the package anyway except for that person on the website (which apparently on the marketing depeartment). They said if we have a complain is to talk to them which means we have to wait and ride the tramway to go down to the office. The customer service was so poor. So, to not spoil our day we just let it go and went ahead to what we can do. Two of our friends ended up purchasing tickets to ski, it took them an hour to get the tickets and everytime they ask a personnel about what they need about skiing or whatever they need to do (their first time to ski), they get a rude remark like "didn't I just told you that!. The staff are foreigners, they appear to be having a problem understanding english and cannot explain themselves too. The rest of us ended going to the scenic chair lift. When we got to the peak of the lift, my daughter had to use the bathroom, the one for public use is close. I asked the staff pleasantly if there's a staff bathroom that she can use because she really really needs to use one, and his response was the bathroom is close beacuse of the weather. What relation does the weather has to do with the bathroom? We cannot run down because we are at the top of the mountain, there's no other building or facility around and the only way to go down was to ride the chair lift which would take 20 mins to get down. And the person that's taking the picture was pressuring us to order the pictures, we were still discussing if we're going to buy the pictures and he just bluntly said "do want the picture or not!, ok if you don't want it, don't take it!." in a rude way. Me and my friends are in just disbelief that we haven't met a staff that is pleasant and friendly considering we are paying customers of the resort. After we settled, the kids went to the bungee run. There were no other people there except us. So, the kids tried it, they enjoyed doing it, they wanted another turn, so we told the crew and he said we have to wait for an hour to get a second turn. We question him why, our wristband is for unlimited rides, and there was no other person waiting in line, and he still did not let my kids do their second turn unless we wait for an hour. My conclusion, I will not come back to ober gatlinburg resort and i don't recommend it. But if your going to stay in a cabin and do sight seeing, the view is breathtaking and relaxing. We will visit other ski resort around virginia instead.

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