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Any chance Alta will open before thanksgiving?

20 day(s) ago - Alta Ski Area.

Alta Ski Area +

tasty fresh turns on devils castle / east castle this am for closing day : )

232 day(s) ago - Alta Ski Area.

Alta Ski Area +

it was snowing at the summit but raining at the base. the snow that did fall was sticky and would instantly slow you down. this is expected in spring!!

235 day(s) ago - Alta Ski Area.

Wet Snow 2"

4/29/16 Weather: warm and mostly sunny. I skied in a thin short sleeve shirt and thin pants though I regretted not wearing gloves. Mostly sunny. Wind wasn't a factor Visibility: bright, no fog Crowd: lite Snow: slushy and soft but icy so as long as you manage your expectations as far as the conditions it was actually still lots of fun.

239 day(s) ago - Alta Ski Area.

Spring Snow

Beautiful spring day...after noon the snow.softened up and it was alot of fun...bring the sun screen.

242 day(s) ago - Alta Ski Area.

Spring Snow