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Poiana Brasov +

snow 2 cm

65 day(s) ago - Poiana Brasov.

Poiana Brasov +

snow 30 cm

70 day(s) ago - Poiana Brasov.

simplybog’s iPhone

A lot of potential with more aerial transportation per sq mile that anywhere; one long green run but not wide enough at places (lots of bottlenecks); grooming is really bad, brand new cats are sitting unused even on powder days; crowded even on weekdays, lots of beginners

196 day(s) ago - Poiana Brasov.

Packed powder 5"
Poiana Brasov +

347 day(s) ago - Poiana Brasov.


medium to bad snow quality - but yet good to be open. (site status in the app isn't up to date )

1 years ago - Poiana Brasov.

Hard Packed