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Enjoy while it lasts. No natural snow left and main groomed runs have 2 feet of snow left at most. 1 more week of melting and its pretty much done

261 day(s) ago - Ski Bromont.

Spring Snow 0"
Ski Bromont +

Nice day out. Icey on some slopes.. overall very nice.. worried about the forecast over next week

272 day(s) ago - Ski Bromont.

Ski Bromont +

Went yesterday. Tons of fun early in the day but quite a few big icy patches! Considering how poor the winter has been im still glad I went

273 day(s) ago - Ski Bromont.

Machine Groomed 0"

Super windy at top. Bit icey but no crowds!!!

280 day(s) ago - Ski Bromont.


Went last night. all granular with many patches of ice. not a lot of people though

285 day(s) ago - Ski Bromont.