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First-hand Reports

Ski Bromont +

5 days ago - Ski Bromont.

Powder 3"

Wet snow. No powder.

6 days ago - Ski Bromont.

Wet Snow 4"
Ski Bromont +

worst ever... slush over ice.

7 days ago - Ski Bromont.

Variable Conditions 0"

Lots of ice. Blowing wind doesn't help, all the snow that felt earlier is pretty much gone. Plus they ruined all the powder by grooming most tracks around 6-7. Not enough snow for woods yet. Disappointing

12 days ago - Ski Bromont.

Machine Made 0"
Ski Bromont +

has been snowing all day. fresh powder over machine made. very little ice. natural snow runs still closed, but hopefully open soon. 7.5/10

13 days ago - Ski Bromont.

Variable Conditions 2"