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Firsthand Reports

hot karl

Boiler plate ice, slush, and surprise bare spots. They are doing the best they can but need some snow badly.

316 day(s) ago - Owl's Head.

Variable Conditions

325 day(s) ago - Owl's Head.

Hard Packed
JG's iPhone

They are doing the best they can given the rain yesterday. Top half of the mountain in good condition overall, some icy spots on the lower runs. Great staff and never any lines here, so cannot complain. Dusting last night helped.

337 day(s) ago - Owl's Head.

Spring Snow 1"
Eric S.

A bit icy today but manageable. Shallow base. Temperatures will climb drastically tomorrow, so all bets are off.

356 day(s) ago - Owl's Head.

Owl's Head +

356 day(s) ago - Owl's Head.

Hard Packed 2"