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nlanglois’s iPhone

21 day(s) ago - Mont Sutton.

Mont Sutton +

61 day(s) ago - Mont Sutton.

Powder 12"
kcarlson’s iPhone

Skied on March 16. Nice sunny and pretty warm day. Enjoyed skiing Miracle and Iroquois off top lift. Plenty of snow there, on man-made coverage. Conditions softened nicely that day, under nice Sun. Trees off Youp-Youp were not skiable (lack of snow).

305 day(s) ago - Mont Sutton.

Spring Snow 0"
Mont Sutton +

Pretty good today, some icy spots. Mostly stuck to the main lift.

344 day(s) ago - Mont Sutton.

Hard Packed

Super cold today, -25 C, -33 C with wind chill. Our first time at Sutton. For the trails that were open, generally good snow conditions. There are some icy patches and worn out, exposed areas. Besides the cold, it was a good day.

345 day(s) ago - Mont Sutton.