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Mont Saint-Sauveur +

219 day(s) ago - Mont Saint-Sauveur.

Mont Saint-Sauveur +

231 day(s) ago - Mont Saint-Sauveur.

Mont Saint-Sauveur +

Powdery yesterday afternoon around 15h00 although the falling sleet was already making a thin crust on to by 18h00...

243 day(s) ago - Mont Saint-Sauveur.

Variable Conditions 6"
Mont Saint-Sauveur +

True snow. It's perfect. Come.

244 day(s) ago - Mont Saint-Sauveur.

Powder 2"
Mr. Boogersnot

To be honest, I was surprised how good it is at Sauveur considering the weather we've gotten so far. Very little ice. Packed powder on a hard base. they're making snow like crazy to prepare for March break. Ski'd all day and night both sides and only found one run that sucked near the base on Avila side. Also it was snowing buckets there since 3pm.

256 day(s) ago - Mont Saint-Sauveur.

Packed powder 2"