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Le Massif +

Awesome spring like day!

258 day(s) ago - Le Massif.

Le Massif +

Heavy traffic while hiking into the glades, no worries though there's plenty of snow to go around.

260 day(s) ago - Le Massif.

Powder 12"
Le Massif +

266 day(s) ago - Le Massif.

Powder 20"
Le Massif +

Two inches of heavy but beautiful spring snow. Glades gorgeous.

269 day(s) ago - Le Massif.

Powder 2"

Well we just finished skiing for 3 days first 2 days were hard pack and yesterday we were skiing on a foot of fresh corn snow. Only groomed runs were open yesterday because the fresh snow from the previous night was ruined by the rain; the top crust was 30 to 50 mm with 250 mm of wet corn over hardpack. The actual total snow depth is about 100 to 150 cm.

288 day(s) ago - Le Massif.