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via Youtube — 6 days ago
And the Mountain Whispers

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The dude definitely needs to chill. Anyone with any sense knows that smaller places are going to be really crowded on the weekend. This also means tons of NOOBS and conditions get beaten down. Go during the week like I do and you will not wait in line. The grooming will also hold up better.

19 hours ago - Whitetail Resort.

Whitetail Resort +

Yeah 60 min lines and slush besides a trail is closed for the races. NOOBs slashing you with boards on the lifts and getting hit with poles. So fun.

22 hours ago - Whitetail Resort.

Wet Snow

Better than I thought. Lines were OK and snow too, for what the season has been in the area. Need to do some grooming. Too many moguls on blues early in the day. Also, two blacks have a mogul field? Come on! One is enough when you only have three.

1 days ago - Whitetail Resort.

Packed powder 3"

The dude you have recently been complaining. Don't go if you think it is terrible!

2 days ago - Whitetail Resort.

the dude

Wow if you love an icy overcrowded NOOB paradise where they drink beer on Saturday nights and can't ski or board and the ski patrol and Mtn safety just stand around then this place is for you!! Done done done! This place only about the money and they are negligent!!

2 days ago - Whitetail Resort.

Hard Packed 1"