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Whitetail Resort Resort Reviews

by: johnny alonso - 29th October 2010

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Excellent Staff, Great Facilities, Confidence Builder
Traffic on the lifts, people sitting in the middle of the runs

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Ive been reminding myself to post a review on my experience at Whitetail last season (2009-2010) Ive surfed and skated all my life - and prior to this one day at whitetail - ive never snowboarded. but i was determined to learn how to board and i was excited to try. So i decided to take a lesson with one of the snow coaches at the resort. i signed up for one of the group classes early in the morning - i ended up being the only guy on the roster :) juan paolo (my instructor) took me thru the basics, the right way - not the way i have been poorly mentally conditioning myself to ride. the "one on one" lesson was everything a beginner could ask for. jp was super articulate, "watch and copy what i do" technique, very patient and able to see what youre doing wrong and try to adjust it before it becomes habitual. seriously - juan paolo had me riding with confidence sporting a snowboarder's stance within the hour. and i was having a blast with my new found sport. of course i bit the ground a bunch of times that day - but i at least knew WHY i it happened ;p trying out a new sport can be very intimidating - especially when everyone knows what theyre doing....everyone but you that is. whitetail's beginner classes i totally recommend to anyone looking to learn or to sharpen their skills. final grade A+ the facilities are great. very nice atmosphere - very "sundance" like. The common area was well maintained and clean, lots of lockers to stash your gear. a friendly snowboard/ski check in staff. i so totally recommend checking your board & skis - there was zero security overlooking the open public racks - total theft city. the restaurants/coffee shop are nice - but waaaaaay overpriced. almost laughable. i recommend filling a cooller - itll be much cheaper on your wallet. but beyond the minor notes and fair warnings - the place overall gets a B++ now on the downside -i wasn't impressed with some of the snowboarders and skiers when it came to etiquette on the mountain. why do they feel the need to just sit in the middle of the run becoming yet another obstacle to hurdle and face? i wish there were signs or ski patrol enforcing the rule to just sit on the side of the run - not the middle of it! c'mon man, youd think these dudes were having a coffee and a smoke talking about last night's game - really uncool. am i the only one that has a problem with this? maybe its me - but safety for both parties does come to mind in this particular situation. On the ground - parking. it would be nice if whitetail would salt/clean the lots - especially when its snowing. i saw a car get dented in the lot because some dude was trying to get out of a spot which of course turned into a hit and run. i dont know about you but i would be super pissed if that happened to my jeep. common courtesy to others and their property seems to be lacking - is that too much to ask for? Grade D Overall - my experience at Whitetail was awesome - and if it wasnt for jp showing me how to board - i wouldnt be jonezing to go riding tonite. Final grade: B+

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