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Firsthand Reports

Montage Mountain +

closed till repairs can be done, mountian hit by February tornado, check their website or Facebook page for updates on possable reopening

1 day(s) ago - Montage Mountain.


great day of skiing Spring Lake conditions little icy but great day overall

7 day(s) ago - Montage Mountain.

sno local

Sat ok. Sunday not so much. Should have had a plan in place with the crowds and weather. Seriously over skied and a lot of ground exposures

8 day(s) ago - Montage Mountain.

Corn Snow
Montage Mountain +

beautiful Sunday skiing- Spring conditions in February- Montage Mountain groomers are miracle workers

8 day(s) ago - Montage Mountain.

Montage Mountain +

weather is perfect. trails are pure cordoroy. place is empty. no idea why there is no one here, but we are loving it

10 day(s) ago - Montage Mountain.