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posted 7 day(s) ago by fellow skiier

last night was pretty awesome, windy at the top and runway was super icy as usual, still wish there was more snow!
posted 8 day(s) ago by iPhone (2)

Suns out ... Skiing is great
posted 11 day(s) ago by dude from hershey

I would buy a season pass to this place in a heartbeat if they replaced long haul with a high speed quad. Instead I choose to do the drive to the hills with high speed lifts just to get in a decent amount of vert and make it worth the dtive and money. Time to step up with the big boys Montage you surely have the mountain!
Montage Mountain +
Variable Conditions
posted 12 day(s) ago by att.crete

1st time @ Montage. Conditions good. Nice powder (~3" in spots) on Spike this morning. The powder was done by the afternoon :( Cannonball & Lower Runway were fun. Little if any ice. Lifts slow (~7-8 minutes). If Montage was closer, I would go again. The lifts make it not worth the time (2h45m) for me to visit since better options are available.
Packed powder
posted 12 day(s) ago by csf78

was up there all day yesterday. conditions held up great and had a blast all day!

Displaying 6 - 10 of 506 Firsthand Reports

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