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anonymous user

How much is an all day ticket?

7 minutes ago - Seven Springs.

Seven Springs +

snowed almost all day today and they were making snow conditions today were the best ive seen in awhile. some low spots but nothing you cant avoid. ticket price well thats another story.....

11 hours ago - Seven Springs.


they absolutely lie on there snow reports everyday. that's what is nice about this app you can get real reports. so far today I've skied yodeler, gunnar, giant steps, boulder, north face, Wagner, stowe, tyrol, avalanche, and goose bumps. the only ice I found was a little on yodeler. they groomed everything. skiers left on avalanche and goose bumps are the only non groomed, but there still relitivley flat with no moguls. if what you like are groomed runs this is a dream come true for you. if you want natural terrain or bumps your out of luck.

22 hours ago - Seven Springs.


For real? There is not a 56" base, there was not 11" of natural snow and why do they continue to post bogus reports? They made snow but there are still many thin area and there is a lot of ice like we expect on the east coast. Why don't you put a natural snow cam in?

1 day(s) ago - Seven Springs.

Machine Groomed
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1 day(s) ago - Seven Springs.