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Conditions were good today. During the day the snow was hardpack with no ice to be found. North Face and a few surrounding slopes were open today. Pretty impressive how much snow they've been able to make so far. Looks like they're almost ready to open up the Gunnar area'a.

32 minutes ago - Seven Springs.

Hard Packed
Lou Sassels

The snow was not to bad today or yestarday given how the weather has been. not sure it was worth 80$ but it could be worse.

21 hours ago - Seven Springs.

Machine Made

got rough in the afternoon with the surface refreezing. but got a better after the sun went down and comfortable Temps in the evening. no crowds probably bc of the steelers game

22 hours ago - Seven Springs.

Hard Packed

Anyone know the timeline of when they're going to smooth those whales out on the north side? Looks like they have plenty of snow to open at least a few more runs

1 days ago - Seven Springs.

Machine Made
Seven Springs +

Pretty nice out

1 days ago - Seven Springs.