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Winterstorm Juno Bring Powder to (Parts of) the East - ©Sunday River

Winterstorm Juno Bring Powder to (Parts of) the East

In no discernible pattern, resorts up the eastern seaboard saw anywhere from a dusting to nearly 3 feet of new snow this week.... More

Firsthand Reports


What a 32" base? No way it is thin so bring the gravel skis if you come out. A complete waste to be here unless you want slush and mud. Terrible conditions

17 hours ago - Seven Springs.

Wet Snow

It's way ugly. the rest of the week is gonna make this place unskiiable.

18 hours ago - Seven Springs.

Charlies Phone

Every lift and trail is NOT open. Lots of dirt. Reminds me of spring skiing with rain :(

3 day(s) ago - Seven Springs.

Variable Conditions 0"

It's a foggy one boys and girls. If you have a pass it is OK but if you buy a day ticket I would pass. Conditions are poor!

4 day(s) ago - Seven Springs.

Hard Packed
Christopher Caldwell

Thinking about coming up tomorrow and skiing Sunday Night and Monday. Conditions worth it? Going to be making snow Sat night?

4 day(s) ago - Seven Springs.