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Firsthand Reports


S7 rolled out the white carpet today. Awesome grooming. Fun conditions. super fast !

6 hours ago - Seven Springs.

anonymous user

Went out for one run on Sunday AM. Too bare and icy.

7 hours ago - Seven Springs.

Seven Springs +

every run on the back side has ice, some a little bit, others allot. have to stay on the front to avoid it. bare areas, can't call them spots since some are so large. to be honest, considering the past weeks weather is not to bad, however I would not be paying for an $81 lift ticket. if you got a pass go ahead up. but if you need to buy a ticket give them a few more days to make more snow since they'll be blowing every night for the near future.

23 hours ago - Seven Springs.

Variable Conditions

Pretty good today, lots of bare spots on North Face. Stay home tomorrow for the Super Bowl and follow me on periscope!!

1 day(s) ago - Seven Springs.

Hard Packed

No need to show. Stay home for the super bowl tomorrow.

1 day(s) ago - Seven Springs.