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Firsthand Reports


No need to show. Stay home for the super bowl tomorrow.

4 hours ago - Seven Springs.

Seven Springs +

Not too bad considering the freeze thaw cycle this past week. Definitely hard pack but they did a descent job chopping it up to skiable conditions. What can you expect?

4 hours ago - Seven Springs.


At night became about half ice half powder, makes for a bit of fun skiing. Some spots are a bit too powdery, but once again, makes it exciting. Overall good day, they blew snow all night and have it groomed right now.

8 hours ago - Seven Springs.

Variable Conditions
anonymous user

Anyone up today? Making snow on back at all? Just on front per today's report. Had many bare spots yesterday on the back side and it was nothing but ice.

23 hours ago - Seven Springs.

Hard Packed

It's actually not too bad. They made snow all over the mountain overnight and still making it on giant steps and north face slope. There's some ice on the black slopes but that's part of the challenge.

1 day(s) ago - Seven Springs.