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Great day today even with the fog. Morning was not icy at all. Afternoon got crowded but overall perfect day.

9 hours ago - Seven Springs.

Seven Springs +

Very foggy and, very flat conditions. Skiing is awesome if you could see.

17 hours ago - Seven Springs.

Machine Groomed 0"
Fred White n The Lost bo

Well after 30 years me and the remaining, living part of the famous 'Lost Boys Ski Troupe' traveled down from Vermont. The morning session was beautiful. Fresh pow pow and many unforgettable falls from the old man Jim French. It turned icy at spots throughout the day. But great resort!

17 hours ago - Seven Springs.

Powder 3"

What a shame this place has become, doesn't have to be run like a greed oriented business, I am fortunate to fondly remember the Herman days. : )

17 hours ago - Seven Springs.


Not a bad day. good snow. Powder started piling up on the slopes. icy spots. pretty busy today.

1 days ago - Seven Springs.

Powder 3"