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Does anyone know if the 20 plus feet of snow on the north side and all the cats pushing snow there, is prep work for SuperParks 19? Someone previously mentioned ice skaters? red bull shoot? but superparks makes more sense, though the spot has been dismantled (half pipe). Next week looks to be warm and slushy for that.

10 hours ago - Seven Springs.


Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th were absolutely fantastic, all things considered, like the rain and warmth in days prior. Springs actually made snow.. there was 2" of fresh real snow saturday as well. Sure some icy patches here and there but even some of the blacks were quite good, like avalanche on the one side which appeared to have been man made extra fluff. Fast and fun and powder in spots.. awesome end of the season for me! See you next year Springs!

11 hours ago - Seven Springs.

anonymous user

Way above average day ! Yes it was firm, but you could still hold a edge. Back side was good till almost close. Very good weeknd for end of March. I don't agree with a lot of things that are done at the resort but with weather this season it wasn't to bad !

1 day(s) ago - Seven Springs.

Variable Conditions

Another surprisingly great day! Don't know what everyone was complaining about. I got there at 9 and was still finding corduroy at 2. The groomers worked magic with the 2" we got the other day and I even found packed powder in a couple of places!

1 day(s) ago - Seven Springs.


absolutely perfect day! snow everywhere. blue skies. no lines. everyone who is saying its icy is crazy. Snowcats everywhere getting ready for super park. really cool to watch them. and the season passholder party was great like always. Thanks for a great season!

1 day(s) ago - Seven Springs.