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Winterstorm Juno Bring Powder to (Parts of) the East - ©Sunday River

Winterstorm Juno Bring Powder to (Parts of) the East

In no discernible pattern, resorts up the eastern seaboard saw anywhere from a dusting to nearly 3 feet of new snow this week.... More

Firsthand Reports

cho.nam’s iphone4s

Anyone board or ski today? How were the conditions?

7 hours ago - Seven Springs.

little boy

Sad not open next week

22 hours ago - Seven Springs.

Machine Groomed

I can't believe I paid 56 bucks to ski Wagner! Feeling ripped off! 26" base nope.

15 day(s) ago - Seven Springs.

Machine Made
Cincinatti Horambe's

They are adding a new trail this year back by Lost Girl called Shooting Horambe.

75 day(s) ago - Seven Springs.

anonymous user

Any word on improvements for the upcoming season yet????

122 day(s) ago - Seven Springs.