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44 Thats Me

4 in Thursday and they are calling for 4-8 by Monday. things r looking good. Is the half pipe open yet? They got rid of that can.

11 hours ago - Seven Springs.

Powder 12"

Great day today with sunny skies little crowds and lots of soft snow in ungroomed areas. About as good as it gets for 7S

12 hours ago - Seven Springs.

Seven Springs +

KTM 7 springs kicks ass for a local ski hill! Nobody has a ski lodge even comparable! Lucky to have this place! Ski hill is superb for western PA! Maybe you should go else where! Maybe you already did! Good day to be in the mountains!

17 hours ago - Seven Springs.

anonymous user

I took my family of 4 to 7 springs for a long weekend. I totaled everything. It cost me $200 less at springs for the same trip to Vail last year. This place is way overpriced. I did minus out the plane tickets to be fair.

18 hours ago - Seven Springs.


Lots and lots of snow making tonight, it's keeping me awake! Totally worth it tho! Some natural snow as well. Tomorrow should be a good day

1 days ago - Seven Springs.