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Roundtop Mountain Resort Resort Reviews

by: anonymous_user - 30th June 2008

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Taking into account that the resort is in central Pennsylvania, and the only place where many people will be able to ski on a regular basis, ski roundtop offers an excellent variety of trails in good condition. I started skiing a few years ago through my high school's ski club. Since then I have visited a variety of other resorts throughout the state and must say that I have never felt that I was missing out on something when I came back to roundtop. At many of the larger resorts you can easily wait 10-15min just to get on the lift. granted, you may get an extra 2-400 vertical feet, but when you take into account the amount of time you are not skiing, i find that I actually do less skiing than at roundtop. afterall, an extra 2-400vert ft does not provide much more of a thrill or challenge. roundtop may not have very many slopes, but they do cover a wide range of difficulties which can provide challenges for beginners all the way up to advanced skiers. The snow conditions (at least at night, when i go) are usually quite firm to icy. you can decide whether this is a good thing or not, but it can provide quite a ride if you know how to use your edges, and if they are kept sharp. I have taken many group lessons and almost all have been helpful. The beginner lessons are slow due to the number of people, but the more advanced lessons usually only have under 5 students and quite often only 1 or 2. This provides an excellent way to improve your skiing on all kinds of terrain. I have leaned how to ski from my first time to my current advanced level from the instructors at the mountain and now never feel uncomfortable on any terrain at any resort which I have visited with the skills which I have learned at roundtop. obviously, this is not the resort, or area of the country for that matter to learn how to ski powder. as long as you leave your powder skis at home and bring your carver/slalom ski, you will have a blast. If you know of a better place to ski within a reasonable drive of harrisburg, please let me know because I have not found one. I usually ski alone on school nights, so the lack of social life does not bother me. As stated before the food is average, but do your body a favor and pack a healthy meal and you will be better off in terms of money in your pocket, quality of food, and a better skiing experience. I ski between 30 and 50 days per season, barring injuries, of which 25-45 are spent at roundtop after school from 4-10pm.

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